Lucky Concert-Goer Joins Josh Groban On Stage To Sing Duet

Josh Groban is no stranger to superstardom. His highly-treasured voice has touched many, many lives across North America and beyond. Although he describes himself as a baritone who’s got a few high notes up his sleeve, Josh’s voice exceeds any formal classification, and he has gone on to produce songs that range from pop to operatic. He’s also managed to grow quite a fanbase, as demonstrated in the following video.

Josh is performing live at Madison Square Gardens when a lucky audience member’s request is granted. A man named Josh Page asked for the opportunity to sing with the star, and what happens next is magic (not only do they share the same name, they’ve got the same birthday, too!).

Page is brought on stage to sing in a short but sweet and incredibly moving duet of “The Prayer.” From the moment he takes the mic and opens his mouth, Groban is blown away! When he asked Page from the stage if he could “bring it,” the man didn’t hesitate one bit. This man’s voice is incredible, and paired up with Groban’s, the two put on a show that had the crowd cheering for more.

Groban’s reaction to Page’s voice was not one of jealousy, but more of admiration and happiness that they were on the same level. Who knew that the man selected to join Groban on stage was the winner of the 2009 David Foster Competition and an “America’s Got Talent” finalist? The audience (and Groban!) got a fabulous surprise that night!

Click below to watch the beautiful duet as both Joshs give it their all.

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