Dancing Cowgirls Move Along With A Country Song Mashup

It’s not every day that you get to see six cowgirls dancing along with country music.

This all-girl group is known across the world for their amazing talent and interest in dancing to American country music.

Although they are originally from Slovakia, once they start taking over the dance floor with their American country moves, no one can really tell the cultural difference.

From head to toe, the girls are all prepped up with their complete cowgirl costumes.

The girl group took to the dance floor with the song from Village Girls, “Thank God I’m A Country Girl,” followed by a series of country music.

The Americana showed how well they prepared for the routine by pulling off different moves with some involving taking off their hats and holding their hands in a circle.

The audience can’t keep their eyes off of the dancing cowgirls in front of them.

Indeed, it’s a unique event for Slovakian girls to dress up as American cowgirls and dance along to American country music, but we cannot deny that they pulled off every move smoothly.

Even for those who’ve seen the video online, it’s hard not to notice the consistency of the girls’ sweet smiles.

Watch Americana’s smooth country moves on the video below.

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