3 Men Entertain Fellow Passengers With Irish Song During Flight Delay

I’m not a frequent flyer, and when I do have to get on a plane, the anxiety is REAL! I’m one of those people who starts thinking about all the what-ifs weeks in advance and I keep myself up at night for no apparent reason—if you can’t control the “what-if” situation, then you should let it go. It’s easier said than done, I know!

So, when it comes time to fly, I’d rather the day come sooner than later, and that I’m in the plane before I even know it—that’s the best way for me to curb any pre-flying jitters I have. But, something like a delay in the schedule doesn’t help curb those feelings at all! The anticipation just builds and builds. I’d rather just get on that flight and get the wheels moving, no pun intended.

A flight delay is no fun for many other reasons as well. I remember the last time I traveled overseas, I was at the airport ready to catch my connecting flight. Then, all of a sudden, I see the board change from “ON TIME” to “DELAYED.” I don’t think much else can stress passengers out more than a delayed/canceled flight, but there has to be a way to make the best out of it. And that’s exactly what the men in the video below did.

The three musicians, Daoiri Farrell, Geoff Kinsella, and Robbie Walsh arrived at the waiting area and noticed that the people sitting there weren’t too happy with a flight delay of two hours; the men were to board the same flight. That’s when the trio decided that they need to do something and cheer these passengers up.

Geoff started off by playing some traditional Irish tunes on his banjo. Daoiri then joined him with the Bouzouki; Robbie came in shortly later, with the Bodhran. The men lifted everyone’s spirit, and you can tell by just watching them below.

Daoiri’s dad, whose hobby is photography, ended up recording the entire incident on his camera for everyone to see.

Watch as people start to clap along, bop their heads, and eventually sing along when Daoiri begins to sing “The Galway Girl.” A performance like this is what I would want the next time my flight is delayed!

Click on the link below and watch the musicians work their magic in the airport’s waiting room.

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