Single Mom Lived Rent-Free For 9 Years Until The System Caught Up With Her

It’s part of everyone’s dream to not worry about paying rent or mortgage, and this woman lived that kind of life.

Meet Lisa

Lisa Hardy is a single mother of one daughter who lives in the city of Indianapolis.

Lisa worked in real estate which gave her the privilege to choose whichever house she wanted to live in for as long as she worked with the company.

A Three-Bed House

She chose a three-bed house with a spacious yard and a nice porch in Indianapolis.

Lisa’s boss ended up going to prison over mortgage fraud which led to the company’s closure.

She Lived Rent-Free

No one reached out to Hardy about her living in the home for nine years. Until The City Of Indianapolis Did. The government put the home up for auction several times until Lisa couldn’t afford to bid for it anymore.

But Fate Is Still In Her Favor

A company in Singapore ended up purchasing the home and they allowed Lisa to continue living in the house, but with rent this time. But this also allowed Lisa to get the roof of the building fixed.

Those who’ve seen Lisa’s story are jealous of her fortunate luck, and they wish they’d get to experience it too.

Watch how Lisa lived rent-free for nine years in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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