Tiny Toddler Rushes Band With Fake Trumpet And Dance

Everyone loves music. It’s the one thing that everyone can appreciate without learning the language or context of a song or rhythm. Anyone can enjoy it, whether you’re a musician or not, young or old, no matter where you’re from.

In New Orleans, a little boy performed with a band and tooted his own horn as soon as he heard the music. It was a precious sight to behold! He played his instrument like no one’s business and the band was more than happy to let him join.

Stefanie and her son, Boone, are originally from Pensacola, Florida. They went to New Orleans, but they found more than old buildings, colorful food, and fun people. On Jackson Square, they found a band performing live.

It was the “Where Ya At Brass Band,” a group of male jazz musicians who all came from New Orleans. They began performing together in 2010. They have performed at the 2014 NBA All-Star Game, the 2013 Texas Music Festival, and the 2016 Jazz Musical Press Conference, among others.

On this day, they were performing on Jackson Square. In the crowd of onlookers were Stephanie and her son, Boone. The one-year-old somehow found something that resembled a trumpet or flute and ran to the brass band. Stephanie was shocked, but she didn’t stop her son from enjoying the music.

One of the band members saw the little boy and squatted beside him while blowing his own trumpet. This encouraged Boone to mimic him and play his own instrument. What’s so cute is that little Boone was even swaying his hips while blowing his “trumpet.”

People watching the performance cheered and clapped at the little boy’s antics. Stephanie could do nothing but laugh and smile as her son marked his place in the band members’ hearts. A friend of theirs recorded the scene and uploaded it on YouTube for us all to enjoy.

Boone continued to follow the movements of Where Ya At’s trumpet player. Then, the man later stood up and surrendered the spotlight to the toddler. The audience cheered and the people danced to Boone’s “playing.” After a while, Stephanie thought it was finally time to get her son.

She thanked the band members who also evidently enjoyed her son’s participation. Even while Stephanie was leading Boone away, the little boy was still blowing his instrument!

Surprises can come in small packages — like this fun-loving little boy who became an instant brass band player!

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