Bullied Boy Captures Room’s Attention When He Opens His Mouth And Sings In An Angel’s Voice

Sound Vision reports that at least 160, 000 students miss school because of the fear of bullying. Of course, no child wants to be in an environment surrounded by those who don’t appreciate him/her and make it hard to be confident and comfortable in your skin. Childhood bullying is a huge problem, and its effects can be devastating. While it’s important to learn to stand up for yourself, when it happens so young, it can affect learning and put a damper on social skills, causing isolation and impact overall development – and confidence.

When Andrew first stepped on stage, he appeared very timid. Simon asks him questions about school and life, and the 13-year-old boy answers quickly and with one word. The poor boy looks extremely nervous. Simon asks Andrew if his friends like his singing, and if he had their support, to which he replies, “I get bullied a lot…” He then goes on to say he’s been bullied all his life, since he was 6, around the time he started singing.

Even though Andrew seems shy, he is steadfast in his decision to carry on singing, not letting the taunting get to him. He’s strong enough to take this stand for himself and continue with what he loves to do, regardless of what anyone says. Simon asks, “How do you deal with them?” to which Andrew replies, “Carry on singing…” The crowd goes wild and Simon says, “This is your moment…” and gives Andrew the go-ahead.

The music starts, and the boy opens his mouth to sing. He goes right into a high octave, an operatic song that complements his angelic voice. The judges’ jaws drop, and eyes widen, as they try to take in his heavenly voice. Andrew wowed the whole room from the get-go. Who would have known such stunning vocals could come from such a young, reserved talent? Once the boy was done, Simon and the other judges told him he needs to find more confidence because they know he’s better than he thinks he is! Amanda says, “…you could knock all those bullies out with that voice!”

Wow! And what a voice he has. Andrew proves that he’s here to stay and nothing is stopping him from finding success in the music industry. With a little bit more confidence in himself, and with his continuous ability to look past the naysayers and bullies, Andrew’s future is looking bright.

Click below to watch a performance that will stick with you!

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