Grandpa Takes Centre Stage To Perform Line Dance Routine, And He’s Unstoppable

What is your favorite pastime? For me, I have to say dancing. I’ve been dancing for years, and it’s not only when I go out. I’ll take to the mirror and some music, when I have free time, and choreograph a routine to my favorite song. It’s a great stress reliever and lots of fun! And what’s even more fun is dancing along with friends and family when you’re out for the night.

Have you ever danced like no one is watching? I know I have. Every time I got out to a party, and am with the right company, I don’t regard what people will think of me if I let loose and shake a leg or two on the dance floor — that’s what parties are all about after all, why wouldn’t I?

Aside from many people thinking about what others will say about their crazy dance moves, I know some people who think that they’re too old to dance. I always tell them that age is just a number and it doesn’t matter how old you are, all you need is the fun-loving and young spirit — it’ll take you far!

If you still need a little bit of convincing for the next time you hit the dance floor, then check out the man in the video below because he’s sure to inspire the dancer inside you. He turns on his music and runs forward, in front of his big set of mirrors. Then he starts to dance! He’s following along with the people on the TV but he is on point with his moves. This man moves with so much fluidity and ease, he’s not a stiff dancer at all.

The choreography of his dance is set to Pat Stotts’ “Never Gonna Fall in Love.” For those who don’t know, this senior gentleman is doing a line dance routine, and it takes a lot of discipline to learn that dance form. Your form and moves have to be in sync at all times, and it’s often done in larger groups. Although it’s done without a partner, you still have to be in sync with the instructor you’re following and with everyone else in your line. It’s not an easy feat, that’s for sure!

You can tell that this man means business, when it comes to his dancing, just by looking at his expressions. He looks focused and definitely doesn’t want to be disturbed while he shakes a leg or two with the people on the TV.

Click below to watch this great dancer do some line dancing!


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