Former Boxer Knocks Out Two Thieves Who Tried To Rob Him

Many people still need to be taught to not judge a book by its cover.

Age Is Just A Number

Young people turn old. It’s a fact of life! And when you live long, you gain wisdom and skills.

In A Dark Alley

CCTV footage caught a funny event that happened to two thieves when they tried to rob an old man.

2 vs. 1

The beginning of the video shows two men approaching an old man who they thought to be “weak” and “helpless.”

The Two Muggers Were Surprised

When the old man realized what the two guys were up to, he instantly knew what to do right at the moment.

A Strong Punch

Without hesitation, the old man gave a quick right-hand uppercut to the thief who approached him, setting him off-balance and dizzy.

The Other Man Wanted Some Too

When the other thief saw what happened to his guy, he approached the old man who readily swung a left-hook straight into the thief’s face, knocking him out.

No Time To Run

After the unsuccessful mugging, the two thieves didn’t have the strength to even get up and run.

A Former Boxer

People on the internet notice how fast and accurate the old man’s punches were and assume that he was a former boxer.

Watch the misfortune of two thieves as they rob an old man in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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