Judges Skeptical Of Nervous Girl’s Song Choice Only To Slam Golden Buzzer Yelling She’s A “Superstar”

Not many people can brag about having won the Golden Buzzer on a broadcasted talent show, let alone before turning 15. On Ireland’s Got Talent, 14-year old Iveta blew everyone away, judges and audience alike, with her spectacular voice. Covering Lady Gaga’s “I’ll Never Love Again”, from the 2018 film A Star Is Born, Iveta’s voice had millions of people struck in awe at the beauty of her singing. Showing no stage fright or anxiety, Iveta’s confidence is just as incredible as her voice, and her casual conversation with judge Michelle Visage upon introducing herself is a clear testament to how little she doubted herself.

All too often do many of us feel terrified of speaking or performing in public. Our anxieties are just too strong for most of us to overcome overnight. Developing confidence takes practice. Almost as much practice as it takes to master a skill like singing. Iveta proudly shows us that she’s a master of both.

The film that the song was written for, A Star Is Born, follows the story of a young couple struggling to maintain their relationship as each of them pursue their musical careers. With Lady Gaga herself playing a starring role in the movie, it should come as no surprise that the film treats us to some impressive vocal displays from the thirty-two-year old pop singer. Lady Gaga proves that she can be a capable actress in addition to already being an amazing musician. It goes without saying that Gaga’s vocal performances aren’t easy things to pull off. Her vocal range is an impressive 3 octaves. Not only would Gaga’s high notes be very tricky to hit, but attempting to do so in front of a massive audience with the possibility of failing is too daunting of a task for just about anyone. But not for Iveta.

Ireland’s Got Talent and many other broadcasted talent shows see dozens of contestants each week, all having skills of their own that gives the audience a spectacular performance each time. But rarely do contestants ever earn the Golden Buzzer, and when they do, it’s a magical moment.

Michelle Visage brought everyone to tears when she decided to hit the Golden Buzzer for young Iveta, stirring tears of joy in both the fourteen-year-old and her mother backstage.

Iveta’s years of hard work and practice have paid her back with a once in a lifetime moment that she’ll never forget, and millions of people were there to witness it. Check out her outstanding performance below. What a talented young lady with a bright future ahead of her

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