Grandma Brings Down The Kitchen With Awesome Hip Hop Routine

Getting older doesn’t come without challenges. Physically and mentally, life naturally starts to wind down as the fast lane of youth begins to look less appealing. Although the course of life isn’t as full force as it once was, there is still life to be lived fully – or as fully as you can with what you’ve got.

This vivacious grandma shows off her chair choreography to Usher’s break out hit “You Make Me Wanna” that launched the rapper into superstardom 20 years ago – and she’s rocking it. Grandma makes it her own, pulling off the intricate moves with grace.

Her presence is unwavering – she is calm, cool and collected, ready to give it her all. The moment the music starts, she abandons trepidation. She puts on a superstar attitude and revels in the kitchen as her stage. Grandma even leans back, slouched down in the chair “like she just don’t care,” taking on the famous Usher je ne sais quoi.

At one point, grandma even stands up to jump out of her chair, bending her legs and catching a little bit of air. She lands effortlessly and continues to deliver a stellar performance. Grandma mixes up all kinds of moves incorporating different influences, finishing off with a nice little nod to Usher’s breakdancing background – she gets up close to the camera and does a 2-part robotic neck move, the perfect cherry on top of a great performance!

And she isn’t the only dancing gran in town! By the looks of it, many grandparents are coming out and pursuing their passion for dance and having some fun! You will now notice many more seniors on reality TV shows, taking part and showing off their skills. Grandparents also don’t shy away from social media, dancing, and prancing with their young grandkids and putting on a fun show for their followers to watch!

What are some of your favorite dancing moments? Have you ever started an impromptu performance like this gran? Tell us your story in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

Click the video below to catch grandma in all her glory. She shows no signs of slowing down!

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