Ill Trucker Inspires Millions With “Last Ride” Song For His Kids, He Has Everyone In Tears

Goodbyes are hard. Whether it’s to a person, a pet, or an old way of life, whatever it is, it’s closing a chapter so the next one, usually unknown, can open. Goodbyes can be awkward. They can be ceremonial. Sometimes they’re rushed, and other times they are done with passion and love and in a way that makes others tap into that loss as well. When you’re used to living your life the way you’ve lived it all your life and a piece of news comes your way to change it, it’s only right to say goodbye the best way you know how.

For 60-year-old Delvin Simmons from Oklahoma, USA, he said farewell in a way that’s resonated with people all over the Internet. His beautiful tribute has garnered over 7 million views.

Delvin has been a proud truck driver his entire life, crossing all corners of the country in his favorite vehicle, truly, an extension of himself. When Delvin got the heartbreaking news that he had severe stage 4 colon cancer, he knew he wouldn’t be able to drive much longer and that he’d have to hang up his keys.

“If I had had a colonoscopy 5 years ago, this may have all been different,” the man told News 9. “My life was not a waste. I can see the good that has come from my life whether it is at the end or whether I’m just at a bump in the road.”

The news came after his first colonoscopy, and the doctor estimated it had been growing worse over the past decade to the severe condition it was at now. Because Delvin had no idea and it had gotten so bad, his condition didn’t give him much hope of survival.

And so the man knew he had to say goodbye. He wanted to give thanks to the roads he’s wandered for years by paying tribute with his favorite song, a song that’s provided great emotional support to the dying man by way of its profound lyrics. The song talks about life, and living, and changing to be at one with your faith. With a little help from his son, Justin, who’s filming his dad from the passenger seat, Delvin turned up “The Old Man is Dead” by Del Way and sang his heart out doing what he loves to do. It’s a teary-eyed performance and even Delvin breaks down at the end.

“I wanted to make that video for my kids in case I did not make the journey through this cancer,” he mentioned.

Sadly, Delvin passed a month after the video was uploaded. Delvin’s wife Betty and their children have received countless messages of support and they started a GoFundMe page to help cover some of the medical costs. The video even caught the attention of Del Way, the singer of the song, and has since befriended the family. This gesture is such a touching goodbye.

“On Friday, June 8th, exactly one month from the day Dad made his video that continues to touch millions across the globe, Dad’s fight with cancer ended as he headed on down the road to his final home with Jesus. Heaven is brighter now. We know Dad is dancing and singing in the presence of the Lord and has been reunited with those that had gone before him. We figure Dad and Grandpa are ranching and farming the fields of Heaven,” his family announced on the GoFundMe page.

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