Blind Boy Plays Piano Then Unleashes Haunting Voice To Queen Classic Sending Goosebumps To All

Most of us have the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest. Why? Because we are born without any deficiency that can limit our capabilities, such as blindness. We are lucky because we are blessed with eyesight that enables us to see the beautiful things that the world can offer.

Unfortunately, not all of us get to enjoy looking at the prettiest things or at the faces of the people we love. Being blind is a difficult situation to be in and it is heartbreaking to realize that some of us, like six-year-old Avett Ray, have been suffering from this condition since an early age. However, this young boy refuses to give in and instead, he is showing his passion for music, amazing everyone who witnesses his inspiring talent.

Avett may be young, but he surely knows what he wants to be someday: a musician. That doesn’t mean it will come easy for him. Unlike most, Avett is legally blind and playing any instrument is more challenging due to his condition. But young Avett is not discouraged by any of this.

In fact, he is really intent on pursuing music and he does not let his blindness get in the way of his dreams. Just recently, he showed off that his blindness is not enough reason for him to give up through a video where he can be seen playing and singing to the tunes of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”!

This young boy can play the piano! It is totally amazing because despite his blindness Avett still does his best to pursue his musical passion. He plays the piano so well you may never have guess he is legally blind.

His dream of becoming a musician is such a big part of Avett’s life. His loss of sight may be significant but it can never hold him down in trying to achieve the thing that he wants the most. He is a very talented young boy and his passion for music and not giving up is absolutely inspiring.

This little man’s piano performance only shows that when you really want something, there is no reason for you not to try to achieve it. There may be ups and downs and sacrifices along the way, but one can overcome them to achieve the desires of your heart.

Avett is without a doubt a special kid. His passion goes beyond his condition. With his beautiful story, it’s easy to be inspired to pursue one’s dreams no matter what kind of setbacks or challenges we may face along the way.

Avett truly is a one of a kind boy we can all learn from.

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