6 Teenagers Sing “Amazing Grace” In A Capella And Give Audience Goosebumps

Singing talent never ceases to amaze me! Everyone can sing, even if you’re a bathroom singer, you know that your tune sounds brilliant to your ears, muffled somewhere in between the water pattering on the shower floor and the bathroom fan. So, there is the bathroom singer (someone like me), and then there are those who present their talent in front of so many people. The six teenagers in the video below belong to the ladder group of people.

This group of teens takes the stage to perform a difficult song for the church-goers on a particular day of service. The stakes were high because this is a popular and beloved song — “Amazing Grace.”

However, not only did the group decide to run with this tune, but the singers also chose to put their spin on it and sing it in a capella. Everyone fell in love with their talent that day. Their voices sound smooth and silky, something straight out of a recording studio. Their timing is just perfect and best of all, they’re all in sync.

For those who don’t know, a capella means singing without any instrumental background score. The term “a capella” is directly translated into “in chapel style” in Italian.

The group in question definitely does justice to everyone’s favorite church melody, sans instruments and in complete harmony. You’re going to want to listen to this one over and over again.

Click on the link below and watch these six teens perform!

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