Timid Boy’s Performance Earns Him Howie’s Golden Buzzer

I’m not ashamed to admit that while most of my friends and family are spending their summers vacationing, swimming in the pool, visiting the beach, and socializing at neighborhood barbecues, I’m inside enjoying my favorite summertime guilty pleasure—television. Fall and winter bring back our favorite dramas and sitcoms, but summer TV offers plenty of family friendly competition reality television. I enjoy nearly every one of those shows, but far and away, my absolute favorite is “America’s Got Talent”.

In case you haven’t watched it, “America’s Got Talent”, or AGT, is a talent show of sorts. Contestants perform in front of a huge audience and a panel of judges that includes music producer Simon Cowell and supermodel Heidi Klum for the chance to battle it out in the finals. The TV viewers vote for the final winner who is awarded $1 million dollars and a show in Las Vegas. There’s a huge variety of types of acts, from musicians to dancers, gymnasts, and much more. The singers often become the stars of the show and once undiscovered musical talent become household names in a matter of weeks.

We’re only a few weeks into the show and Christian Guardino is already a breakout hit. The 16-year-old engaged the judges and audience with his touching story and then stunned everyone with his astounding singing performance.

As a young boy, Christian was diagnosed with Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA), a rare retinal disease that caused him to go blind. He escaped into music and honed his craft. Recently, an experimental procedure gave him back his sight. His story is touching and exceptional and it’s something else when he opens his mouth to sing. Christian brought down the house and completely impressed the judges. He even earned a golden buzzer from Howie.

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