Little Boy And Grown Man Look At Each Other And Tap Dance In Sync Perfectly

If only we could live in a world that solves all conflicts with dance battles. No yelling, no screaming, and no violence. Just flashy, funky dance moves to exert superiority and definitively settle any and all squabbles. I mean, it worked in movies like West Side Story and Step Up, right?

But I know what you’re thinking: “what if I can’t dance!?” Well, don’t worry, because I’ve thought this through and come up with a solution. Back during the Medieval period, trial by combat was a thing but not everyone could fight for themselves. So what did they do? They got themselves a proxy, or a “champion” as they called them. Indeed, dancing champions are the last piece of the puzzle to creating a world of conflict resolution through dance.

And I know exactly who my dancing champion would be: Luke Spring.

Luke may just be a “kid” but he’s a tap dancing prodigy that’s been impressing his hometown of Ashburn, Virgnia since 2010. Luke has also stunned judges on So You Think You Can Dance and he’s also made his Broadway debut in “A Christmas Story: The Musical.”

So check out this incredible video below of Luke dancing with Justin M. Lewis at the DC Tap Festival. Together, the synchronized duo brought down the house. “They had every person in that house on their feet and going crazy,” explained Chloe Arnold, a co-founder of DC Tap Fest.

Let us know what you think of this video (and my choice for dancing champion) and don’t forget to share this story with your family and friends!

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