2 Little Girls Line Up With Grandpa For A Totally Unique And Impressive Dance

Staying physically and mentally fit starts young. Living a healthy active lifestyle that involves frequent exercise and nutritious eating is critical in keeping your brain functioning and your body limber. But the best part about keeping fit is being able to do the moonwalk with your grandchildren!

Strong bones and loose joints pay off in the long run, especially if it means dancing in the middle of the street into your older years like this grandpa does with his two little granddaughters.

This trio’s dance moves are tight! Grandpa is reminiscent of Michael Jackson with his white gloves, and smooth operator moonwalk shuffle. His two tiny backup dancers are with him, all three of them really in sync, in time and motion. What’s heartwarming here is how both generations are seamless in their memory and coordination, both having to commit some serious time and effort to learn the moves together.

And the result is show stopping! They are in the middle of a pedestrian square with all eyes on them. Their routine is enough to stop passers-by and let them take in the family dance-off. The mini troop drops some pretty cool dance moves – a little two-stepping, side shuffle, moonwalking, crossovers and of course, the running man.

All three of them defy preconceptions about age, proving that a little ingenuity, commitment, and support goes a long way, regardless if you’re “too young” or “too old.” Plus, it’s all about having fun! Dancing lets off steam, releases endorphins, and at the end of the day, creates great memories for grandpa and his granddaughters. Way to go guys!

Do you have memories of shaking a leg with your grandkids? We’d love to read about them, so share your stories with us in the comments below! Or, grandkids! Do you like to bust a move or two with your grandma and grandpa, tell us about your experiences as well!

Click below to watch these three make the world their dance floor as they kick up a storm for all to see and enjoy!

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