Sister Starts Singing “Jolene” But When Brother Joins In He Does A Much Better Job

Bekah brought the guitar while Zach covered the drums, and together they delivered an incredible duet. Seeing the way that Zach gripped the drumsticks with all his might, and the enthusiastic look on his face, she already knew the answer before she asked, “Ready, buddy?”

Hearing his reply was well worth asking though as he hollered with delight, “Ready!” Zach was thrilled to be a part of Bekah’s music and so the two of them recorded a song together that has brought so much joy to all who hear.

This song alone shows so much into the brother-sister relationship that Zach and Bekah have. Sitting next to each other with big smiles like they have shows how much joy they bring into each others lives. Zach has Down Syndrome and Bekah is right there next to him to encourage him along life’s beautiful journey. While she brings him encouragement, it’s clear that he brings her so much fun to even her favorite things like playing guitar and singing.

The two of them sitting side-by-side is such a blessing to see. It’s not common to see siblings have fun like they have just by simply playing a song. When Bekah carries the lyrics beautifully, Zach’s harmony brings so much love to the song, “Jolene”. Listen as they sing Dolly Parton’s classic with a beautiful twist that will make your day in the video below.

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