Naughty Beagle Peeps Out Of Hole In Sofa When He’s Caught Ripping The Furniture Apart

A naughty beagle puppy was caught on video while peeping out of the hole he has made on the sofa.

Having a pet at home is one of the biggest blessings in life. Yet, getting a pet is not an easy decision. There is no doubt that a cuddly, fluffy, and loving creature in the home has its emotional perks, but pets require training, time, and understanding.

The owner of one naughty beagle puppy is well aware of the challenges that come with having a puppy at home! The pup, called Tua-ngork, kept destroying the furniture when he was caught by his owner.

In the video, the pup is seen looking out of the hole he has just made on the sofa!

However, instead of scolding, his owner, Sirichar, refers to the damage as ‘ a great piece of artwork’ and the little dog goes on demolishing the rest of the couch. The entire event happened in the family’s home in Maha Sarakham, northeastern Thailand, and it was caught on video.

Naughty beagle puppy, Tua-ngork, peeps out of the hole he made in the sofa when he is caught by his owner ripping the furniture apart in the family’s house

The clip shows the puppy looking out from a hole he has made on the sofa. The hole only fits his body to get through and he pops out.

Yet, his “masterpiece” is not quite done there, so the puppy goes on tearing the sofa’s sponge apart with his teeth and paws and obviously enjoys it!

A bit later, the camera circles the giant hole made on the sofa. This time, the dog stays hidden on the inside of the couch.

Later in the video, his owner shows the huge hole the dog has done on the sofa.

His forgiving owner Sirichar said:

‘My little sweetheart is creating a great piece of artwork. He looks so joyful with biting the couch.’

The video was recorded on September 23 and posted online.

Instead of scolding the pet, Sirichar, said: ‘My little sweetheart is creating a great piece of artwork. He looks so joyful with biting the couch’

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