93-Year-Old Energetic Grandpa Jumps Out Of Car For Impromptu Dance Performance

New Internet challenges are always rising. From the 100 Layers challenge to the Yoga Challenge, there are dozens of silly, stupid, dangerous, hilarious, and entertaining challenges to engage in. But, one of the most recent and currently popular challenges is the Kiki Challenge, also known as the “In My Feelings Challenge” or the “Shiggy Challenge.” In this challenge, a participant hops out of a slow-moving vehicle to dance to hip-hop singer Drake’s song, ‘In My Feelings (“Kiki Do You Love Me?”)’ while keeping up with the car.

Although these viral challenges tend to be dominated by the younger generations, a 93-year-old man from Salem, Oregon decided to try the Kiki Challenge himself after his granddaughter showed him a clip of someone else doing it. Best of all, there’s video footage to prove it!

With a backward baseball cap and a blue, plaid shirt, the lively grandpa was more than ready to throw in his best dance moves once ‘In My Feelings’ began to play. Immediately, I start smiling at how adorable the elderly man is and at his sincere Kiki Challenge attempt.

But, it’s not just video viewers and the camerawoman watching. If you look between the brown and the blue houses toward the beginning of the clip, you’ll notice a person walking by in the very back. Even they stop to look for a bit at Grandpa busting out some sweet moves!

And just when you thought Grandpa was only doing the Kiki challenge to please his granddaughter, he turns to the camera to flash a big grin. He’s definitely enjoying himself! You just can’t fake a smile that big and genuine.

Shortly after, it seems like the man is starting to get tired of dancing and may be ready to hop back in the car, but things get surprised when he starts dancing even faster. This Grandpa isn’t afraid to push himself just a little bit further.

I think what we can learn from this elderly man is that being what some may deem “old” is not an excuse not to be happy and enjoy yourself. While older generations may find many Internet challenges ridiculous and unsafe, this man kept an open mind as he gave one a go for himself.

Make sure you watch the energetic grandpa doing the Kiki Challenge in the video below and share the clip on Facebook or Twitter to prove to your family and friends that age has no limits! Please remember safety first!

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